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Harry Fecitt MBE TD, a self-styled old campaigner, sparks discussion with his review on The Great War Forum:

“This is a pictorial book that contains many relevant Great War photographs taken in East Africa and India.

The story uses the diaries and letters of British officers to describe the campaign activities of the 2nd and 3rd Kashmir Rifles during the East African campaign.

The book is particularly useful in describing the activities of Indian Imperial Service units during the war. British Special Service officers took over command appointments, in marked contrast to what happened during the Second World War.

Despite a few mis-spellings of place names when compared to the Official History, reading this book allows you to see actions through the eyes of Indian infantry units, which is a healthy and welcome change from most other contemporary accounts that were written from the perspective of white units.

The above link describes the book in more detail – I don’t regret buying it in any way as there are gems of information tucked away that lead to better understanding of the activities of other units as well as the Kashmiris.”


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