Lt. Gen. Baljit Singh Jaswal PVSM AVSM** VSM
Colonel of the Regiment

“It is my proud privilege to write this passage for the book ‘I Can Never Say Enough About The Men’ depicting the history of little known battles between the British and Germans during World War I in East Africa.

The book as named presents to its readers an exciting and informative account about the methodologies adopted by the troops of JAK RIF (especially 2 JAK RIF [BODY GUARD] and 3 JAK RIF [RAGHUNATH]) during World War I while fighting against Germans in East Africa. This book enshrines the ideals of our founding fathers, to be a beacon for those joining the family in the years that lie ahead.

I am sanguine to the fact that this book released on the occasion of the 11th Regiment Reunion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles will go a long way in inspiring the officers to emulate the great deeds of their predecessors and inspire them to live up to the traditions of ‘duty before self’ built by our predecessors who by their praise-worthy and valour in battle immolate the path to ideal soldering.

The arduous task of producing this magnificent work involving narration, designing, production of maps, sketches, photographs and repeated proof reading are not easy. The book in present form will not only be a source of strength, wisdom and inspiration to the Regimental Officers but will also act as reference material for students of history on the exploits of the Regiment.

Finally, I take this opportunity to convey my compliments to Mr Andrew Kerr who has succeeded in formidable task of compiling the historical record of the little know battles fought be the troops of the Regiment during World War I in a book form. I am deeply aware of his difficulties as he painstakingly trawled the libraries and museums of London in search of more material to enable what must be the most complete history of any Regiment that fought in East Africa. His flair and style of presentation and his dedication is literally visible in this book. He too shows the regimental characteristics of cheerful determination and so very proudly I recommend this book to you all as it will be an inspiration for future generations.”